Lisha of 3eleven events put together this beautiful party for small group of ladies. What did she want guest to feel? Happy. "I wanted each guest to smile and feel joy. From the welcome bar at the entry with the bright florals and cocktails, to dinner and dessert, I wanted it to be bright and welcoming. I feel that was accomplished." wrote Lisha. Yes! Mission accomplished. I feel happy just looking at these beautiful images from Camille Docena Photography.

Without a wedding last weekend, I was itching to create something... I mentioned to Sola (of Sam and Sola Lee Photography), that I'd be getting flowers for Easter and might want to create something for a photo shoot. Somehow, even with her busy schedule, she make it happen! In a shaded grassy patch above the Waterfront Activities Center of UW, we took this first round of shots!

Stephanie Roseanne Design creates wedding florals for couples inspired by nature's wild elegance. 

Organic, garden inspired design based in Seattle, Washington and serving the Pacific Northwest