Planning a wedding consists of a thousand and one tiny decisions and tedious tasks. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities when it comes to picking flowers for such a meaningful celebration!


I guide clients to pinpoint the best options for exquisite flowers that are seasonal, within budget, and in harmony with the "feel" of their wedding. You'll receive personalized care and ongoing consultation as your wedding evolves.


While each bouquet and arrangement is deliberately planned, I also relish embracing spontaneity. When Mother Nature is in charge, this is a must. If there is a freshly cut bloom with the perfect delicate shade of blush, or a stem of foliage with an especially graceful drape to it, I will work it into the plan. These little details are what make designing with flowers truly unique and immensely satisfying. Typically, my style seeks to balance lushness & lightness, energy & tranquility. I often find that simple is best. To quote Coco Chanel, “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”


I launched my freelance business in 2015, but I've worked as a florist for over six years. I'm a lifelong artist and lover of nature. When I'm not arranging flowers you could find me drawing, painting or practicing calligraphy. The opportunity to start my own business is owed to my inspiring and supportive family, who has believed in me every step of the way. I live in West Seattle, with my Husband, daughter and two pups. 


I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Stephanie Roseanne Design

Seattle, Washington